Jane NeishJane Neish had a problem with sugar before she even knew what sugar was. She looked like a seal pup in her baby photos and was ‘the fat kid’ in school before the days of childhood obesity.

She battled her sugar cravings, literally for decades, until she discovered the secret that turned her from someone who could never have sweet things in the house into someone who could nibble a small square of dark chocolate and put the rest away.

She finally discovered that sugar wasn’t the problem after all and that the secret to controlling sugar is to remove our brain’s need for sugar instead of trying to remove the sugar that our brain needs.

Previously a project manager and training consultant, Jane now helps her clients to get rid of their sugar cravings. Her first book ‘Why It’s Hard To Quit Sugar‘ reveals how sugar changes our brain to create our cravings. She is currently working on her second book, ‘The Easy Way To Quit Sugar’, which will be published in March 2017. Sign up here to receive an invitation to download a free copy during launch week.

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