Why It’s Hard To Quit Sugar Reaches The Top 10

I launched my first book at the end of January and it reached the Top 10 in its category within the first week. I’m really pleased about this because I haven’t had much chance to promote it yet. I thought that writing it would be the hard part but I’m now finding out that writing is the easy bit!

day 2

Is Sugar Addictive?

Is Sugar Addictive? It was for me. Bad cravings.Worse Anxiety

Once, when I was about to sit an exam, I brought in a tray of cakes for my fellow students to eat before we were called into the exam room. Unfortunately, we were called in just as I arrived. There was nowhere to leave the cakes so I took them in and put them under my desk, thinking that we could eat them later. But when the exam started I couldn’t think about anything other than that tray of cakes. Everyone else was scribbling furiously but I just couldn’t focus. After a few minutes of panic I picked up the cakes and ate the lot – to the amazement of the invigilators. Then I got cracking and finished the exam in record time on a sugar high.

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