Why It’s Hard To Quit Sugar


If you find it hard to quit sugar – this book is for you….

It explains why you don’t need to battle your cravings and you don’t need to give up your treats to get your cravings under control because sugar is not the problem. If it was, then we would all experience cravings for it – but we don’t.

It’s actually your uncontrollable desire to consume sugar that is the problem. And your desire to consume sugar is created by your brain.

Many of us get caught in a lifelong battle with sugar because we try to resist our cravings instead of reversing the changes that sugar has made to our brain and switching them off.

This book reveals why you must switch off your brain’s need for sugar to regain control, instead of trying to switch off the supply of sugar that your brain needs.


You will discover:-

Why We Love Sugar

Why we love sugar and why some of us track it like a heat-seeking missile.

How sugar changes your brain to create a desire for more.

Why there is so much sugar in our food and why each generation may be developing sugar cravings faster than the last.

Why your brain tracks sugar and why sugar calls to you from inside the cupboard.


How Sugar Creates Your Cravings

How sugar creates your cravings and why they are so hard to control.

How your cravings can lock you into a high sugar diet – without you even noticing.

Why you can resist some of your cravings some of the time, but you can never resist all of your cravings all of the time.

How sugar turns your appetite up and your ability to burn fat down.


Why Sugar Is Hard To Quit

How your brain creates three traps – Willpower, Withdrawal and Want – that stop you from taking control.

The reason that your willpower disappears just when you need it the most.

The sneaky trick your brain plays on you that makes you think that success is within reach.

Why you go into Withdrawal when you remove sugar from your diet.

Why you will return to sugar even if you get rid of your cravings.

Why quitting, cutting back or using a sugar substitute will only ever make your cravings worse.

Understanding the way that sugar is keeping you hooked is the first step to taking control because you need to stop waging war on sugar and start reversing the changes that sugar has made on your body and brain to get rid of your cravings forever.

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Why It's Hard To Quit Sugar