Jane Neish


Jane Neish

Jane Neish worked in television before completing a Master’s degree in Employment Analysis and setting up a business as a corporate trainer and executive coach. A lifelong sugar addict, she was struck by the fact that many of her clients were struggling with sugar cravings and she began to look for ways to help them – and herself.

Jane had a problem with sugar before she even knew what sugar was. She looked like a seal pup in her baby photos and was ‘the fat kid’ in school before the days of childhood obesity and she had been battling her sugar cravings, literally for decades.

She finally discovered the secret that turned her from someone who could never have sweet things in the house into someone who could nibble a small square of dark chocolate and put the rest away. She discovered that controlling your sugar cravings is impossible but that switching them off is not. This discovery changed Jane’s life – and her business – eventually leading to the ‘Switch Off Your Sugar Cravings’ programme that she teaches today.

Jane now works as a specialist ‘Sugar Coach’ – running a private practice in Manchester and delivering workshops throughout the UK. Her first book, ‘Why It’s Hard To Quit Sugar’, reveals how sugar changes our brain to create our cravings.  It has sold in 13 countries, reaching No.1 in the Amazon bestseller charts in the UK and No.2 in the US. She is currently finishing a second book – The Easy Way To Quit Sugar – and developing an online coaching program.

Jane lives in Cheshire. She had a full social life and many hobbies until she made the decision to begin writing books.

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