Switch Off Your Sugar Cravings – Personal Coaching Programme

Are you struggling with sugar cravings?

Are you struggling to control your sugar consumption?

Are your cravings driving you mad or stopping you from losing weight?

Are you worried about the effect that your sugar consumption is having on your health?

Do you find it hard to keep sweet foods in the house?

Does your willpower disappear whenever you try to quit or cut back?

Have you tried sugar substitutes and sugar-free diets but always find yourself drifting back to sugar?

Do you feel horrified at the thought of giving up your ‘treats’ forever?

If this is you I can help!

Not by helping you to ‘quit sugar’ but by showing you how to switch your sugar cravings off.

Because the truth is that it’s not sugar that is the problem…..

It’s your uncontrollable urge to consume it that’s the problem. And your uncontrollable urge to consume it is created by your brain.

To regain control you need to stop battling your sugar cravings and focus on switching them off.


The Reason You Are Struggling To Resist Sugar

If you are struggling to resist sugar it’s because you are falling into one of the three traps that stop us from succeeding however hard we try.
These traps are ‘Willpower’, ‘Withdrawal’ and ‘Want’.

The Willpower Trap

We instinctively try to control our sugar consumption by using willpower to resist our cravings. But if you’ve ever tried to you this you’ll know that your willpower can disappear – even when you are determined to succeed – so our attempts to quit or cut back usually end in failure.

And if we do manage to resist our cravings for any length of time we fall straight into the second trap – Withdrawal.

The Withdrawal Trap

When we plunge into Withdrawal, we often try to slog our way through it in the hope that we are on our way to regaining control. But our cravings increase, our willpower drops even lower and most of us are driven back to sugar at this point.

Occasionally, if we try really hard and we get really lucky, we make it through Withdrawal and our cravings disappear. Unfortunately, we don’t usually escape from our cravings for long because we fall into the final trap – Want.

The Want Trap

Even though we no longer have cravings for sugar, we discover that we still want to consume it. In fact, we begin to feel deprived without it so we decide that it will be ok to have a sweet treat occasionally. We promise ourselves that we won’t let our sugar consumption get out of control this time.

Sadly this isn’t a promise that we are able to keep because our occasional treats become regular treats. Then they become daily treats. Our sugar consumption creeps up, our cravings return and we begin the cycle all over again.


Eventually, we give up trying to control our cravings and we try to find a way to live with them. We begin to search for ‘healthy’ sugars that we can use as sugar substitutes. The problem is that when our chosen substitute isn’t available we drift back to sugar.

But we don’t have to live with our cravings. They may be hard to control but they are easy to switch off.


Why You Need To Switch Off Your Sugar Cravings, Instead Of Trying To Resist Them

The traps that are preventing you from taking control are not created by sugar, they are created by your brain.

Everyone’s brain is ‘programmed’ to be attracted to sugar and to track sources of it but some of us can do this incredibly well. Our brain begins to track sugar from the very first mouthful. That’s why it calls to us from inside the cupboard.

Being able to find sugar would have been a useful skill for our ancestors but in our sugar-filled world, it can be a problem. Sugar can begin to take up a lot of space in our head – we have the urge to consume it whenever we see it, we have cravings that seem to appear from nowhere and we just can’t resist it – however hard we try.

We find sugar hard to resist because our brain becomes dependent on it so when we try to take it away it’s not happy.

It switches off our willpower and drives us back to sugar over and over again.

You can’t use willpower to control your sugar consumption because your brain can switch your Willpower off.

To regain control you need to remove your brain’s need for sugar – instead of trying to remove the sugar that your brain needs.

When you switch off your cravings instead of trying to resist them, you can get your sugar consumption under control and you can keep it under control.

You are not sugar-free if you are battling your desire for sugar, if you need to seek out sugar substitutes or if you feel deprived without it.

You are sugar-free when you are not plagued by cravings and you are able to consume sugar without worrying that they will return.

I can show you how to train your brain and switch off your cravings.

You won’t need Willpower when your brain isn’t telling you to consume sugar.

You won’t go into Withdrawal when your brain is no longer dependent on it.

And you won’t feel deprived without it when your brain is no longer tracking it.


Benefits of Switching Off Your Sugar Cravings

When you switch off your cravings, you’ll be able to eat out without focusing on the dessert menu, visit a supermarket without loading your trolley up with ‘treats’ and buy sweet foods as gifts without worrying that you will eat them yourself. In fact, Sugar will rarely cross your mind and you’ll wonder why it ever seemed so important.

You’ll probably lose interest in the foods that you are struggling to resist right now because they’ll begin to taste ‘too sweet’ – and you won’t need to seek out sugar substitutes either because you really will be able to consume sugar occasionally without losing control.

Your cravings are probably having a bigger impact on your life than you realise so there can be other benefits too.

When you get your sugar consumption under control, you will be:-

Switching your body from fat storing to fat burning – so you can shed unwanted weight.

Stabilising your blood sugar – so your energy levels can increase.

Reducing your stress hormones – so you can sleep better and feel calmer.

Boosting your neurotransmitters – so can feel happier.

Increasing your concentration and your willpower so you can be more focused and productive.

And the best part is that I can show you how to switch off your cravings quickly and easily….


Why This Programme Is Different

I can show you how to switch off your cravings by making just two small changes to your existing diet. There are no new recipes to learn, no new meal plans to follow and no new ingredients to hunt down – so the programme will work for you whatever your dietary requirements.

  • You won’t need to battle against your cravings because the programme is designed to AVOID the need for willpower. Relying on willpower just won’t work because your brain can switch your Willpower off.
  • You won’t need to go through the unpleasantness of Withdrawal because Withdrawal isn’t a necessary part of reducing your sugar consumption. It’s actually a sign that you are heading for failure.
  • And you won’t need to give up your treats so you won’t feel deprived without sugar. As you’ll discover, treats help to retrain your brain.

You don’t even need to change your diet overnight. The programme is divided into three steps that will gradually squeeze sugar out of your diet over a three week period.

And once you have successfully switched your cravings off, you will be able to return to sugar without seeing the return of your cravings.


How The Programme Works

Your Sugar Profile – You complete a short questionnaire and a food diary before we meet so that I can get a very detailed picture of your sugar consumption in a short space of time. This allows me to quickly pinpoint the causes of your cravings and to identify the changes that you need to make to switch your cravings off.

Your Personalised Action Plan – We then meet face-to-face to develop a plan that will enable you to make these changes – with minimum effort. We create your Action Plan together because you will only be able to sustain changes that fit with your lifestyle. Your Action Plan will be divided into 3 steps that are carried out over 3 weeks.

Can’t meet in person? Sign up now if you would like me to send you more information about the online coaching programme which will be available later this year.

Your Progress Review – Once you begin to make changes we stay in contact so you are never left unsupported. There is a 15-minute coaching call at the end of each week to review your progress and you have access to email support every day. 

We Create Your Sugar Profile   >   We Develop Your Personalised Action Plan  >  We Review Your Progress

                 Questionnaire                                    One-To-One Consultation                           Phone & Email Support


How You Will Benefit           

Since we are focusing on switching your sugar cravings off by making small changes to your diet, you should be able to complete all 3 steps and be craving free by the end of the 28-day programme.

                                                                                                            Week 1  >   Week 2    >   Week 3   >   Week 4

Sugar Profile  > Consultation  >  Step 1    >    Step 2     >    Step 3     >   Craving Free

However, there is no pressure to complete the programme in this time frame. You can go through the steps at a pace that suits you. If life gets in the way and you aren’t able to complete all 3 steps, you will know exactly what you need to do to switch your cravings off so you will be able to continue towards your goal without any additional help. However, if you want to keep working with me until you have rolled the changes out fully, you can arrange additional email and telephone support.

Where We Meet

Consultation Room at The Remedy Lounge, Manchester


Consultations will take place in a beautiful room at the Remedy Lounge which is situated in the heart of Manchester.

The Remedy Lounge, Milton Hall 3rd Floor, 244 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4BQ   Map

The Remedy Lounge is easily reached by train or tram and there are car parks nearby. (Details will be emailed to you when you book). The room is on the third floor and can be reached by lift or stairs. There is also a ramp for the front steps. Let me know if you require assistance so that the reception staff will be ready to greet you.

There is no charge if you cancel your appointment with more than 24 hours notice. (If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice there is a cancellation charge of £40.00).

What’s Included In The Programme

The entire 28-day programme costs just £299.00. This includes :-

the time spent reviewing your Sugar Profile

your 60-minute consultation

your 4 x 15-minute coaching calls

daily email support.


Want To Know More?

If you are interested in working with me, just fill in the Client Application Form and we’ll schedule a call to see if we are a good match. During the call, we’ll discuss where you are now, what your goals are and the roadblocks that are holding you back. If I think that I can help, we’ll then discuss how the programme would work for you and if you are happy you can book your consultation and get started. 

If you decide not to go ahead that’s fine too. We both want you to succeed so the purpose of the call is to check that the programme is right for you, not to ‘sell’ you the programme. At the end of the call, if you don’t feel eager to get started there is no point booking a consultation.